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4 IN 1: Story Generator 4 IN 1: Story Generator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The greatest story ever told

Hitler found themselves on the floor outside of Faggotsville feeling very dizzy and sick but not knowing why. Hitler decided to go back inside but was turned away by the Poopy bouncer at the door. Hitler wanted to get to the bottom of what had happend and asked 'Why are you a faggot?' to which the bouncer, Buttfuck McThompson replied 'N****rJews' with a look of Flaming.

By this point, Hitler had given up trying to get back inside and decided to walk home but tripped on a Faggoty Butt which was just lying in the middle of the road. Hitler who wasn't feeling too smart decided to Fart the object which teleported them to Faggotsville, which was filled with many people, all looking very Jew, Hitler wanted to talk to them but soon passed out and found themseleves waking up in Anus, what had happend? Hitler didn't want to think about it anymore and decided to forget by Pooping.


Little-Rena responds:

Oh my

Hentai Octopus Adventure Hentai Octopus Adventure

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I came here expecting a joke

sincerely hoping this wasn't seriously porn.

I did not leave disappointed.

Call of Bieber Call of Bieber

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is clearly a well made game

I'd say the actionscript is superb. The running animation could have been better but I'm not here to hold that against you.

What would have been way cooler is if it wasn't Justin Bieber. I can see the sort of comic thing in having him as a gunslinging badass, but personally I think it would have gotten better reception if it were someone else.

I mean if it was, say, Charlie Sheen, you'd at least have some sort of realistic approach in that.

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